Sebigas operates either as an EPC Contractor for the construction of turnkey plants or provides technology & engineering in the role of Technology Provider. It also offers project financing, plant maintenance, biological consulting and all ancillary services for the full development of a project, from the embryonic stage to full execution.

Since 2008 Sebigas designs, constructs and manages biogas plants world-wide. Supported by the strong industrial experience and capability of the TICA Group, Sebigas claims a solid expertise in the biogas sector, with a portfolio of over 80 biogas plants located all over the world, with units from 100 kW to 3 MW.

Sebigas's Advantages:
1. Implementing well researched solutions that improve performance and permit maintenance without plant stoppage, Sebigas installations function at their maximum power over 98% of the time, guaranteeing a stable and high energy production.
2. Boasting an extremely flexible technology adapted to each type of organic substrate, Sebigas can design ad hoc plants that respond to the specific requirements of the customer.
3. Drawing on years of experience in the biological and technological R&D sector, Sebigas provides plants that stand out for their high performance.
4. With offices around the world but its technological core in Italy, Sebigas is a reliable brand recognized internationally for its concrete solutions.

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Copyright 2021 Nanjing TICA ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. BY VTHINK

Copyright 2022 Nanjing TICA ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. BY VTHINK

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