PureCycle harnesses hot water or steam in the range of 90 to 150 °C or flue gas at more than 180°C to generate electricity to improve energy efficiency from renewable sources or waste heat.

PureCycle power system is a pre-engineered system that harnesses low-and moderate temperature heat to generate electricity. This results in an on-site power generation system that requires no fuel input except heat in the form of hot fluid. The PureCycle power system can utilize heat that is available from geothermal, biomass, solar energy or industrial facilities like chemical plant, etc. It can also use heat produced when a reciprocating engine or gas turbine is in operation.

This innovative power solution is built with the proven technology and components of commercial centrifugal chillers, which ensures product quality and reliability. It is a low-maintenance, cost-effective option that creates revenue, reduces process cost and supports an intelligent energy strategy.

PureCycle280's Advantages:
1. Integrated design of turbine-generator, low leakage risk.
2. Short delivery time by standardized mass production.
3. Modular design with high level integration, skid-mounted structure, easy installation.
4. Automatic tracking grid parameters by induction generator, simple connection into grid.

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