Supported by advanced radial outflow turbine (ROT) technology, Exergy provide low- and moderate-temperature heat source (90-340°C) power generation solutions.

In only 6 years Exergy achieved the second largest ORC binary geothermal fleet worldwide with more than 400MW installed capacity. The high flexibility and efficiency of the Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT) technology give the possibility to better exploit the numerous low temperature heat resources, as low as 90°C, that have until now been untapped. This opens a series of new and profitable possibilities in power generation from sustainable resources.

ORC technology is considered one of the most effective solutions for lower temperature applications (from 90°C up to 340 °C) and for small power output. EXERGY have brought all the advantages of ORC systems to a higher level thanks to the innovative Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT), that allows better efficiency and lower operational and maintenance costs, also eliminates the requirement for water treatment and make up.

Exergy's Advantages (Power output range: 1MW to 66MW):
1. Innovative ROT, up to 9 stages on a single disk turbine, higher efficiency.
2. Multiple pressure admission possible on a single disk, cost effective solution.
3. Optimized efficiency by design flexibility, most efficient working fluid.
4. Patented mechanical group that enables easy and fast maintenance.
5. High availability of system, on average 99%.
6. Compact and automated, no need for operators.

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Copyright 2021 Nanjing TICA ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. BY VTHINK

Copyright 2022 Nanjing TICA ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. BY VTHINK

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