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TICA, established in 1991, is a professional solution provider in HVAC and thermal utilization from renewables including geothermal, biomass, solar energy, and waste heat from industrial processes, gas turbines, engines or incineration of municipal waste. The company owns 5 operating bases, 8 factories, and more than 70 branches worldwide including Osaka research institute in Japan, Smardt Chiller Group Inc. in Australia and Canada, Exergy International Srl. in Italy, with annual turnover of approx. 900 million USD, more than 2,300 employees across the globe.

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Through cooperation and acquisition, TICA combines the leading ORC and biogas technology with outstanding manufacturing capability of China, and has become full-spectrum power generation equipment and system supplier in ORC and thermal utilization.

In 2015, TICA strategically cooperated with United Technologies Corp.(UTC), American multinational conglomerate, and purchased PureCycle 280 power system from its then subsidiary Pratt & Whitney. PureCycle 280 power system can operate on a wide range of fluid resource temperatures starting as low as 90°C. Based on a thermodynamic cycle known as the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), the PureCycle power system converts low- and moderate-temperature resource fluids to electric power through the vaporization and expansion of a working fluid in a closed system. Sales of this ORC system has been rapidly expanded in China and overseas market with its unique advantages. Committed to thermal utilization in China and worldwide, TICA set up a manufacture base (Nanjing, China) in 2016, covering more than 100000 square meters to develop ORC and related products.

In 2019, TICA acquired Exergy, a well-known Italian geothermal ORC manufacturer with more than 475MW installed capacity. Exergy is the developer, engineer and producer of ORC systems, with the innovative, pioneering Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT). In the ORC market, where usually radial inflow and axial expanders are used, ROT technology had been first applied on steam rankine cycles at the end of the nineteenth century. Working with an organic fluid, most of the characteristics of this turbine technology become advantages, leading to an efficient machine rotating at a low speed resulting in both low vibration and noise levels.

In 2020, TICA acquired another Italian company SEBIGAS, who is specialized in the design and construction of Biogas Plants. SEBIGAS was founded in 2007, committed to converting organic substrates (Farm & Agricultural by-products, Industrial Waste and Municipal Organic Waste) into biogas for the production of electrical and thermal energy or biomethane by means of the anaerobic digestion process.

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Copyright 2022 Nanjing TICA ENERGY Technology Co., Ltd. BY VTHINK

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