TICA ENERGY focuses on thermal energy utilization solutions and renewable energy development to support achieving the goal of carbon neutrality.

TICA energy

Within TICA Energy, there are 3 sub-brands.



to further promote the use of renewable energies

    Expanding Source

    Geothermal (Hot-Dry-Rock), Biomass, Solar Thermal
    Optimize energy structure, and increase supply of renewable energies

    Saving Energy

    Waste Heat Recovery (Industrial Waste Heat)
    Recycle waste resources for power generation, saving primary energy, improving economic efficiency and reducing pollution


Geothermal (Hot-Dry-Rock)

Industrial Waste Heat

Biogas and biomethane prosuction

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

Liquefied Natural Gas

Massive industrial energy storage

  • Geothermal (GEO)

    Plant Location: Tianzhen, Datong, Shanxi, China
    Plant Size: 280kW

  • Waste to Energy

    Plant Location: Tottori, Japan
    Plant Size:280kW

  • Hot-Dry-Rock (HDR)

    Plant Location: Matouying, Tangshan, Hebei, China
    Plant Size: 280kW

  • Corn Silage

    Plant Location: Goldoni
    Plant Size: 999kW

  • Cattle Manure with Straw

    Plant Location: Debo
    Plant Size: 300kW

  • Geothermal (GEO)

    Plant Location: SARAYKOY
    Plant Size: 28MW

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